Ningbo Sangdena Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a company which specializes in the R & D and production of high-end security audio products. The main product of our company is the audio monitoring with long-distance and video positioning. It belongs to the domestic and international initiative, and solved the difficulties of long-distance adapterization in the outdoor noisy environment. Our company has a number of core intelligent voice processing algorithms and voice enhancement, noise suppression, sound source positioning, beamforming and other technologies, and the far-field voice collection and processing technology has reached the top level in the industry. The project team of our company is composed of acoustic experts of well-known university and research institute at home and abroad. Now our company already has more than 20 invention patents and two software copies. The product will include the long-distance adapterization in the outdoor, audio and video linkage, voice positioning, voiceprint recognition, voice retrieval and other functions. It provide new means and methods for security, anti-terrorism, national security, border and other areas. Sangdena always adhere to the independent research and innovation as the core driving force, and integrates the top acoustics experts at home and abroad to create a technology leader in the field of audio research and development in the global security.

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